Daniel Boone School Board to vote on phase 2 of reconfiguration


The Daniel Boone School Board is expected to vote on phase two of the district’s elementary school reconfiguration plan at a 7:30 p.m. meeting Monday at Amity Elementary Center.

If followed through to the end, the plan would consolidate the district’s kindergarten through fifth-grade classes into two schools, Amity and Monocacy. Birdsboro Elementary would no longer be used for elementary classes.


Before the reconfiguration started, Amity served students in kindergarten through fifth grades, Monocacy had students in kindergarten through second grade, and Birdsboro served students in third through fifth grades.

Here is a breakdown of the reconfiguration plan:

Phase one: Implemented this school year, third grade moved out of Birdsboro and into Monocacy. Kindergarten classes moved from Amity to Monocacy.

Phase two: If approved, all fourth-grade classes in Birdsboro would move to Amity. All first-grade classes in Amity would move to Monocacy. Birdsboro would be left with only fifth-graders. The moves would take place in the upcoming school year.

Phase three: If approved, Monocacy would house all kindergarten through second-grade classes in the district, and Amity would house all third- through fifth-grade classes. Birdsboro would have no elementary classes.

A public hearing is scheduled for April 6 to discuss the future of Birdsboro Elementary.

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